Dream Photoshoot

Nov 2, 2008 by

So yesterday I did a photo shoot for a magazine article I wrote about bees. (This was my second professional photo shoot of the year, both about bees. Crazy!) The photographer wanted to take pictures of me with bees, but my colony didn't survive this year, so I wanted to find a better setting. After a bit of research and some calls, we located a place in Boulder where Backyard Bees, owned by Laura Tyler and her husband, have a small apiary. Laura made an incredible documentary titled Sister Bee, and I saw her speak at a showing of the film earlier this year. It was wonderful to meet her in person and talk about bees and getting their story out into the media. Anyway, the setting was just gorgeous. The late-afternoon light was pure gold, the countryside thick with fall colors, and the bees buzzed amicably, lighting on our clothes and hair. It was so fun to be in their presence, and share their beauty with the photographer, as well as whoever gets to read the article. Man, oh man, I love bees so much. They intoxicate me. Thank to the Tylers and our amazing photographer, David Tejada, for making the wonderful experience possible.

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